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Knowledge Challenge

Friendly competition for your teams...

knowledge challenge

We do live a very busy life. Many times, dividing ourselves between work and personal life it becomes very difficult. We do have a lot of responsibilities both at work and at home. Sometimes these can be very heavy on our shoulders. Learning process in such an environment is a challenge in itself, when our mind is divided to so many objectives.

The knowledge challenge offers a variation on traditional e-learning formats by introducing friendly competition. It puts the learning process in a friendly, easy environment. Introduces the game based learning and the concept of gamification.

Practically students are learning through playing games. Sometimes they don’t even realize the learning process.

They just play the game.


It's fun

It is a test that does not feel like a test. It is a learning process that does not feel like school, classroom teaching and educational materials. It’s just playing the game.


Makes traditional e-learning an experience. Opens new doors, perspectives and opportunities. It is an active way of learning, opening student’s minds and catching their interest.


It is a continuous challenge. It is like a new land to be discovered. Offering the possibility of continuous new worlds and improvement. Challenges the student’s minds.

Why learn through knowledge challenge

Some reasons why learning through knowledge challenge is benefic for your teams:
motivates students

Can be used to personalize learning experience


Offers an appropriate frame to give students constructive feed-back


Students love game-like activities


It has a strong team-building and networking effect


Students’ engagement and loyalty is different


Motivates people to acquire or repeat missing knowledge

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