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How do they handling my project?

Have a quick look on how the guys are organizing and handling your project!

01 workshop

We are starting with a workshop where we discuss about your training goals, who has to be trained, what kind of internal training and media material is available (pictures, video, text, powerpoint etc.).

02 our proposal

Based on the outcome of the workshop we will be able to give you a first rough overview about the course concept, the timeline for this training and off course, the pricing.

03 kickoff meeting

During the kickoff meeting we will define the team and agree on the actions for the project start. The project leader will establish the time frame and coordinate the task (demand analysis, definition of learning goals, potential solutions, selection of media etc.).

04 design & prototype

Designing the "look & feel" of the course and setup a first demo learning. During this step we will talk about your corporate identiy and develop the layout of the training, choose the colours and define which steps the training will have.

05 didactical concept

Finalizing the didactical concept.
What is the final goal of the training, how do you want to measure the traning, what kind of courses you will adopt for your team members, certificates etc.

06 client approval

Based on the defined design, the functionalities of the e-learning, the media provided or which has to be produced, the Client will approve the start of the production.

07 development & production

All team members - the project manager, instructional designer, graphic designer and the authoring tool specialist will start the production and development of your training courses.

08 pre-testing & finetuning

Internal pre-testing of the finalized training course, finetune remaining discrepancies and prepare the course for Client presentation.

09 client presentation & revision

Presentation of the final course in front of Client. In case revisions / improvements / changes have to be done, there will be a second loop to finalize them.

10 solutions delivering

The final course will be delivered to the Client. Depending on your needs, the course can be also installed and configured on your LMS (learning management system) or hosted in ours.

11 evaluation & feedback

After finishing the whole development process an internal evaluation will be held and a client feedback process will be started to improve the process for future projects.

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