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But wait, why consulting for e-learning?

Why do I need consulting for my e-learning project?

When thinking about the development of an e-learning structure within your company, school, university, association or foundation you have several questions to answer to take the right decision about implementing the right infrastructure and/or define the course structure.

We are living in a rapidly changing and developing world. One of the most important values is time.

This fact generates two consequences:
  • we have to train our teams more frequently to be able to face the rapidly changing and developing world
  • do this learning process in a most affordable, available and mobile way possible.

time is running...


Clear, structured process in setting up your e-learning project.


Creative, motivated and pro active team which will support your ideas.


Keeping the agreed timeframe is our biggest advantage.

what are we doing?

Together with our consultancy team you will take the best decisions regarding:
choose the right e-learning platform
implement the e-learning platform
determine training needs
define the business case and support the outcome of the e-learning with metrics that make sense
support & consulting on the execution of e-learning projects
design & development of e-learning projects
support & consulting on the creation and implementation of didactic e-learning concepts
deploy the final solution into your organization in order to ensure a successful e-learning project closing
training the persons involved in the e-learning process, including the setup of the platform
maintenance of both, the learning management system but more important, the courses you have developed
the courses should "live" and should evolve during time while the organization and legal requirements are changing
the courses should "live" and should evolve during time while the organization and legal requirements are changing
internationalization and globalization of learning content
curricula analysis and training audits
FLASH to HTML5 transformation of existing courses


What are your e-learning needs? What kind of courses do you want to implement?

Depending on your training target group (blue or white collar, sales, the pre-qualifaction of them etc.) and the goal you want to reach, we will come with a specific concept on how to deal with the content and how present it.

What are your e-learning specifications?
What kind of learning management system (LMS) covers mostly what you need?
I am using e-learning! Does it work propperly?
Who will take care of my LMS and the e-learning content?
I have some more questions, who can help me?
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