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Learning with your own speed and frequency, wherever you are

Learning with your own speed and frequency, wherever you are...

We are living in a constantly changing and developing world. People from different countries, different regions, are using more and more the internet, are learning more and more every day.

The education content delivery has to find a way to make education much more available, affordable, usable with less and less limits. Digitalizing education, putting the knowledge in e-learning platforms is the solution for this challenge. Through this, everybody who has internet access and a display can learn wherever, whenever, whatever wants.

The e-learning industry is a rapidly developing one as well. The virtual world is limitless, the possibilities of developing new structures, ways of communicating, develop the content or optimize the access are there to be used. Starting from the classical classroom teaching approach the next step was digital learning, then e-learning with details like individual content design.

The next step is the individualization of courses and content based on each user’s knowledge and experience.

Learning in progress


This is one of the most important benefits of any e-learning product, the availability, the possibility of using it wherever, whenever, for as long as the user wants.


Any e-learning solution can be fully personalized to the Client’s needs. More than that, any user, in the terms agreed with the Client, may personalize its own user experience.

In Trend

We are living in a more and more digital world, buying through eCommerce, doing eBusiness, friends through social network. In such a world education has to be “e”, too.

Team Involvement

Some companies are doing their e-learning with own learning management systems (LMS), with their own teams. This is one way to do it, but externalizing it, has a lot more benefits than using own resources and time for it.

With an e-learning company a whole new, specialized, experienced team is working for you:
Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the entire process, coordinates all the communication between the Client and arrow team, ensures the timeline and all the resources needed for the proper and in-time implementation of the whole process, aligned with the specific goals of each Client.

Instructional Designer
Graphic Designer
Authoring Tool Specialist

Cost Effective

Using an e-learning solution, especially for geographically dispersed teams is very cost effective, because transportation costs and renting of classrooms are not needed anymore.

Scalable Solution

Developing once the e-learning platform and content, this can be used inside the Client’s company by as many employees as it is necessary. The solution is a scalable one.

Measurable Data

All the usage data are measurable. This fact gives an enormous advantage and information for a continuous improvement of the contentand the user experience.

What are we doing?

More details about our solutions and how to support you in developing your e-learning courses...

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