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Individual Content Design

Each Client is unique, each content has to be unique, too

Individual Content

When we are talking about e-learning content and the individual course parametrization it's like talking about ordering a Pizza.

Have a look on ten people while ordering pizza and you will understand what we mean. You will recognize how individual everyone is and you will recognize endless possibilities to "customize" each individual pizza...
thick or thin base, add more mozzarella, please some more garlic, no anchovies etc.

When we are talking about individual e-learning and the personalization of e-learnings then we need to take into consideration several elements in order to match the new course with the existing philosophy of each institution / company, their mindset and the need their employees have.

Starting from the companies CI (corporate identity), going through their own approach in training their staff to different options the courses will be delivered.

There is a wide range to customize the training in order to keep the employees motivated and make the training a successful and remembering event.


We do recognize, acknowledge, appreciate, value and support continuously the Client’s uniqueness, diversity and individual needs.


We do design the content according to the Client’s specific needs, putting existing content in an easy to use, focus and motivation oriented layout.


We design content in the line with Client’s values, contributing in this way to the long-term interrelationships with it's employees.

What possibilities we have?

Personalization can be about:

different devices - PC, Laptop, tablet, phone
personalized avatar - each user can choose his own avatar
personalisation by user name makes each course more individual
specific content based on learners pre-knowledge - why learning everything if i know parts of it?
choices of content – reading, listening or watching - give your user the full control
Internal quiz competition (knowledge challenge) - reward the best of them

Story Telling

Raising the next "Charlie Parker"...
An exciting story motivates students and connects them easily to the content. An exciting story makes it very clear why something is important. An exciting story gives sustainability, because nothing is more memorable than a good story.

Putting a predefined content in a story gives a game based orientation to the learning experience, makes it easy to teach, easy to learn. Like remembering something from movies we saw in the past. The combination of pictures, sounds, actions, characters, decisions, happenings stay in our minds forever.

For example: I will always remember how Terence Fletcher, the famous conductor, recognizing the talent, the enormous potential, demolished piece by piece all the limitative believes from his student’s, Andrew Neiman’s mind, pushing him by drumming ‘Caravan’ to his own moment of greatness, making him the next ‘Charlie Parker’.

All the techniques used by Terence Fletcher were thought to me in a coaching school, learning them there made me understand them, but the movie (Whiplash), the story, made me memorize them forever.

Still missing something or not sure if your idea can be implemented?

Send us a message and our team will come back shortly to you with a feasable solution.

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